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R&R Auto Repair

Has combined ten years of experience.  We enjoy the car repair/maintenance business and have repair technicians that have the same attitude.  We understand what it is like not to have you vehicle operating the right way, the burden it puts on you...so we do our best to get you back to normal at a respectful price for our services. We do - or can repair and or maintain most everything you bring to us.  We commonly service: Tune-ups, Shocks, Air conditioning, Oil Changes, Brakes, Water Pumps, Transmissions, Suspension, Engine Repair, Fuel Pumps, Catalytic converters, Emissions, Power windows, Check engine light, Drive axle, Batteries, Fuel injection cleaning, U-Joints, Timing Belt, Tire rotation, Battery replacement, Anti lock Brake System (ABS), Wheel Bearings and much more. Bring us your challenge or problem and you will be certain you receive our best estimate, quality parts, experienced mechanics and timely service so you can start using your vehicle they way it is suppose to operate.
R&RAutoRepair 6107 S. Kedzie
Telephone: 773-424-4970
Telephone       773-434-4970
Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8am-5pm
6107 S. Kedzie
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