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Simple, do you want to stop?
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Let’s STOP and talk about


Worn out brake pads are simple and economical to replace.  If you feel your brake pedal is low, or pulse it is time to replace or inspect your brake system. Pads, drums or rotors are the main replaceable items in the brake system and we consider having you stop safefly each and every time very important to us. Stop in and have you vehicle’s braking system inspected.

A new set of brake pads and


Have you vehicle stop the way it should by maintaining your braking system.  This maintenance will typically have you set for a nice long time based upon driving conditions and such. When you have R&R Auto Repair inspect your barking system we will provide a few options - with each one achieving better braking performance than when you came in.

A thing about rotors

Many people just wish to have their pads replaced.  Pads are only as good as the rotors they touch.  If your rotor have been re cut in the past and are too thin to re cut again we will inform you. Tip - Did you know when you drive through a puddle quickly and your brakes have been used (still hot). The water that splashes up from that puddle of water causes excessive immediate cooling of the rotors and causes then to worp -which in turn causes your brakes to now pulse.


Safety is our number one goal in providing service to your vehicle.  Our brake service we inspect brake drums, rotors, pads, brake lines, calipers, springs, master cylinders all to make sure you stop each and every time when you need to. In addition to your safety brake maintenance will save you cost from other areas such as shocks and struts, suspension problems, rattles, and perhaps a accident with another vehicle or person. let us do this routine maintenance and keep you safe...so if you can stop by.
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