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Rebuilding the top end
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What do you need done?

At R&R Auto Repair we do most engine work.  From rebuilding an engine to replacing a head gasket we can do it all.  Do you need a new timing chain, valves adjusted, engine mounts replaced, main oil seal repaired?  Yes we can do that for you.

Engine is perfect but is

running hot.

That most common item that needs   attention is the car’s thermostat.   Each engine requires proper cooling to a certain temperature.  This component gets stuck or simply goes bad...especially when pot holes are hit.  If you have no heat or little heat or your air conditioning is not right.  We will check the thermostat first to make sure you are not charged for something that does not need to be replaced - like a larger engine component.

There is a lot there to do

Just take a look at the engine above.  You have radiator, hoses, carburetor, water pump, valve cover, belts, air filter, just in view.  We inspect and calibrate all work necessary , replace or repair when needed, but will at the beginning give you a qualified honest straight forward estimate with no surprises. Then get you back on the road!

Engine Repair

One day you vehicle is acting up.   You have an idea but just need a good mechanic who knows his way around the engine.  Look no further.  We do engine repair and maintenance from tuneups to engine rebuilds or replacements.  Everything from camshafts to cranks.  Let us pop the hood for one last time and you will be on your way and happy with our service.

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Engine Repair