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Most times located deep in the gas tank.
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What not to do

Tip # 1 from R&R Auto Repair If you ever see a huge tanker delivering gas at a gas service station do not get gas there at that time.  When these tanks are filled the hoses filling the underground tanks stir up any sediment that is in their storage units.  This in turn gets into your gas and the result is a bad or clogged fuel pump or filter.

Fuel pumps

This is a most common area

of repair or replacement if

one tends to fill up at

cheaper no name gas

service stations.  In general

these stations do have very

old corroded tanks and the

sediment gets into the fuel

pump.  Typically

replacement is need after


Filter for fuel pump Filter for fuel pumps are are important.  It provides filtration of the gas before it goes to the engine.  Often there is not enough flow to continue to operate the engine correctly and symptoms will start to appear.  Maintaining at least a quarter full gas tank will greatly help in not getting a clogged fuel filter or damaged fuel pump.

Fuel Pump

A quick tip to save you some money.  Do not drive on a low amount of fuel in the tank.  This is one of the most common problems of why fuel pumps go bad.  There are other reasons to but when they do go bad it can take some effort to get something that could have been prevented working again...which is fuel pump replacement.

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Fuel Pump