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Best to keep that oil clean
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Change that Oil every 3000


 Changing that oil every 300

miles or to the car service

manual specifications is

important.  Old cars

especially.  Engine

components will start to

wear down faster and may

cause if left unattended. 

Stop in for a simple oil

change and give your

vehicle’s engine a breather.

Have you checked your oil


Checking engine oil level is critical.  You may have a small leak and get low of the engine vital lubricants.  Low oil levels make the vehicle work harder, wear out sooner and damage engine parts.  In addition to low oil you oil may be dirty.  If it is black or does not show a hint of a golder color it is time to have us change your fluid.

Tough to get to

Engines get hot and oil filters are hard to get to often. Plus an improperly sealed filter replaced will start to leak or an over tighten one will break.   Kemp it simple by allowing us to change you filter when needed.

Oil Change

An oil change done either within the proper intervals, weather conditions are very important in simply making you vehicle last.  If not done when needed to parts wear out, problems develop and engine can go bad.  Changing your engine oil regularly can maintain better gas mileage, reduce vehicle maintenance and allow your car to be with you instead of being in for repair. We will have you in and out when your schedule oil services with us...and you will be on your way.
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Oil Change