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A new comfortable ride

When you replace your structs or shocks you get a new comfortable ride that make your vehicle feel like new...in most cases.  Not only does your decision help in providing comfort it saves considerable wear and tear on many other parts of the vehicle’s suspension, brakes and tires.

Save other components

from failing

When you do not keep up with replacing your shocks or structs when necessary you also put at risk breaking other areas that are critical to maintain.   Engine mounts typically break when structs and shocks are weak.  This in tune puts your engine and transmission in a vulnuble situation and could easily cause more damage.  Other components are arlso saved such as control arms, ball joints, bushings control rods and much more.

When to replace

If you feel every bump in the road, you have to make each decision to go around the smallest of pothole, you hear clatter and excessive noise when driving over a bumpy road...then it is time.

Shocks& Struts

Wish to have a more comfortable ride, tired of hearing that sound that your vehicle did not have before, save tires and brakes from being worn out faster...and most importantly be able to stop correctly in time when need be.  All these systoms can be corrected or adverted by replacing your shocks or struts when time to do so.  Bring silence back into your life.
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