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New struts will stop those whells from bouncing
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Just a few items in a car’s


New, not worn or dried out

Suspension components


Other than struts and shocks there is much more to a vehicle’s suspension.  This areas are important because they deal with safety issue like steering, alignments, stopping ability and much more.  We will suggest some common things to be replaced as your vehicle gets more miles on it or if you are experiencing problems.   When you need to stop fast an improperly maintained suspension may not allow you to control your vehicle the proper way and may lead to an accident.

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Upper control arm, upper ball joint, coil spring, shock absorber, lower ball joint, lower control arm, control arm bushings, anti sway bar, idler arm,stabilizer link, inner tie rod end, pitman arm, adjusting sleeve, steering knuckle,  rack and pinion steering are all available to be worn out or replaced.