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We will do a thorough inspection
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Transmission being rebuilt

Are you experiencing a burning smell, improper shifting, heavy car feeling, loss of power or the check engine light is on. All of those are symptoms of a transmission problem

New transmission


Disk clutch, flywheel, pressure plate all need to work in harmony.  We can make adjustments and inspect these areas, look at condition of seals and recommend what needs to be accomplished.

A working transmission is as

good as gold.

That is right, as good as gold when is works the way it should.  We have the experience you want to inspect what is happening to your vehicle without charging you an arm an a leg compared to others out there.


An ignored transmission can bring larger repair costs later.  We suggest following schedule oil service for car, van or truck to get the most out of your vehicle.  A transmission ignored is no good literally.  We can make the necessary adjustments, service and recommendations to have your transmission perform without challenges.

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