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Simple preventive maintanence.

Change that dirty air filter

A dirty air filter lowers your fuel mileage per gallon and makes your engine work harder.  Any dirt that gets past this filter may cause damage to your engine as well.  See how your vehicle responds with a new clean filter installed by R&R Auto Repair.

Do not over look belts

during a tune up

Belts simply wear out.  do not get stuck on the side of a road calling a tow truck.  Replacing belts at the proper time or sign of wear will improve the efficiency of components using that source and alleviate any squealing noise you may encounter now.

Ignition Wires

The ignition wire over time need to be replaced as well during a tune up at some point.  When doing so you will general feel like your engine has new life in it.

Tune ups

Tune ups are critical to keep your vehicle on the road as much as possible. Many overlook this simple routine vehicle maintenance that may lead to larger issues in the not so distant future.    A simple tune can preserve the valuable life span of a vehicle and prevent larger repairs done the road. Schedule a tune up with us today.
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A new set of spark plugs

A new set of spark plugs will also do the trick.  Do not be surprised when you do not fill your tank up as often after a good tune up from R&R Auto Repair.
Out with the old and in with the new