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Simple item but sometimes hard to get to.
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Do you have a puddle of

antifreeze/water under

your vehicle

Water or antifreeze under your car is a major symptom of a bad water pump.  It will start with a small trickle you notice each day and grow over time.   Better get that water pump checked up soon...or you will overheat and if not careful damage the engine.

Water pumps can give way

at any time

And they break down at the wrong time.  We have all seen someone stuck on the side of the road with a steam poring from the hood.  If you experience low or little heat in the winter your radiator is too low, have a leak in your radiator hose or your water pump is failing.

New water pump installed

You will probable notice a difference as soon as the water pump is replaced.  The engine seems to run cooler and smoother. You have heat again...and most important you feel relieved that that part of your car is repaired and do not have to worry about being stuck off to the side of the road. Now you can get rid of that gallon of water in the tank.

Water Pump

Most people do not realize they have a water pump until the get stuck on the side of the road.  The cooling system makes sure your engine stays at a proper operating temperature and the heart of this system is the water pump.  If you have any signs of over heating bring your vehicle to us.

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Water Pump